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A Quick Guide to GMV Products

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Sky elevator and technology a sister concern of Wings Elevator and Engineering has been penetrating the hydraulic elevator market ever since its inception has been bringing in new technologies in the never ending demand market of elevators.

Learning new technologies has no end, and hydraulic elevator a perfectly new technology and newly introduced in the elevator industry is rising at a fast pace. With the limitations of space in the urban houses clients are opting for hydraulic elevators, which absolutely takes negligent space and can be easily customized as per the clients specifications and requirements.

Sky Elevator and Technology has been supplying the best of hydraulic products, imported from Italy. It is in collaboration with GMV Italy has been bringing in new and modern technologies in the market of eastern india.

The GMV products have been on the market for over 50 years. It has gone a long way since 1958, the year GMV was founded. More than 650,000 lifts in the world are equipped with hydraulic and new GMV Fluitronic components.

With an experience of over 50 years and several tens of thousands of new components produced by the GMV every year, then it wont be wrong to say that if you are in front of a hydraulic lift, in no matter what country, then it is most likely to be equipped with GMV technology. 30% of the hydraulic lifts throughout the world and 50% of them in Europe contain components of GMV product range.

Over 100 million strokes are covered every day by lifts provided with GMV drives and technology.
All the large companies of the industry as well as a good percentage of the medium and small ones - have installed hydraulic products of the GMV Group.
Perhaps without always being aware of it, the designers and architects of the whole world have been using GMV components in the development of their own lifts for over half a century. As an example, over 50,000 OTIS lifts and over 25,000 SCHIN- DLER ones installed the world over are equipped with GMV hydraulic components.

The SKY's commitment to its Customer:

  • Specialized, highly qualified local service in installation and sale
  • Flexibility
  • Capillarity throughout the territory
  • Personal commitment
  • Problem solving
  • Timely action